About Us

Through our passion, dedication and experience, Wuest Electric has grown immensely over the years. With this growth, we have come to specialize in working in industrial petroleum refineries, processing plants, asphalt plants, as well as the packaging industry. From simple replacements, to the full installation of an electrical system in a new facility, Wuest Electric is there for you every step of the way.

You can expect highly trained and experienced electricians and technicians from Wuest Electric. We receive ongoing training through the IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors) so that we can adapt to the constantly evolving electrical world. We work close with our clients to fulfill their specific needs, so that we continue to provide high quality service. From designing and constructing systems for new projects, based on either our client’s specifications or rough sketches, to modifications to existing systems, we can help you get the job done.

We are qualified for any type of work, whether it is electronic, electrical or pneumatic projects. For issues that our clients face, we are experts at troubleshooting and can analyze control and instrumentation issues. We provide complete service, repair and perform contract work as well. When there is field service that is required, we are able to perform repairs, rebuild or modify existing panels and control systems at your job site. Wuest Electric is a company you can count on, as we provide 24 hour emergency service and routine preventative maintenance to our clients.

We are glad to be of service to our clients and strive to maintain a professional and dependable solution to your specific needs.

Our Story

Wuest Electric’s story is the embodiment of the American Dream. Starting with Oscar Wuest’s humble beginnings and transforming his passion into a corporation that now provides electrical services to industrial and commercial locations, not only in Cincinnati, but nationwide.

In 1924, Oscar Wuest started off his career by increasing his knowledge of electrical wiring by periodically accepting odd job assignments, which marked the creation of Wuest Electric. Oscar came from the ground up, carrying the small amount of tools that he owned on his trips back and forth to work on the Cincinnati streetcar. The stock market collapsed in 1929, causing many businesses to struggle and others to close their doors. The Great Depression, which lasted into the late 1930s, was a hard economic climate for many Americans to endure. Due to his willingness to work hard and eagerness to master his craft, word spread of his skill all over Cincinnati. He was soon wiring residences all over the city. Through his hard work and dedication to his clients, people began to refer Oscar to work on offices and commercial projects.

Oscar’s son, Bob, shared the same passion and work ethic as his father. Instead of participating in typical youth activities, Bob tenaciously worked extensive hours with his father. One of the earliest industrial companies that Wuest Electric serviced was Tresler Oil, which Bob recalls working many hours as a teenager. Oscar and Bob began expanding their services and worked in Tresler Oil’s plants and gas stations. The growth of these new projects, greatly increased the technical ability of Wuest Electric. Much like Bob’s work with his father, Bob’s son, Todd, remembers working with his father and grandfather as an adolescent. When Oscar retired, Bob and Todd continued on the same path and greatly expanded Wuest Electric’s industrial capabilities.

From Oscar’s humble roots, starting with just pliers and a screwdriver, Wuest Electric now has limitless operational ability and a broad range of services. From generation to generation to generation, Wuest Electric continues to be a symbol of hard work, determination, integrity and dedication.